Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the delay...

I was doing so good there, updating often and such,but life got pretty rough for a few days though, so I apologize. Back to normal now, as normal as it gets!

Monica, a dear friend and owner of fancy antler vintage, is moving to New York in only a few days. We celebrated her birthday not too long ago and we had a surprise photo shoot to take pictures she can remember us by....
Look how tall our corn is!!

In other news, me and Nick got haircuts from the lovely Gabrielle
I signed up for a craft fair, and omg it's this Sunday. How come I have to go to a real job all week instead of sweating my arse off by a sewing machine? Why why why why why whyyyy?

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Gaby said...

I love those pictures of you, nick and dave. They turned out so awesome!