Monday, March 30, 2009

New Stuff

I got a few things done today...thought I'd share.

This top was reconstructed completely from a XL tshirt. I made this on a whim, not really knowing what I was doing since I was making it up as I went, but the end result was something I am very happy with. I will keep this one for myself but next time I'll take my time and make one a little more polished.

The top of this dress was a three-quarter sleeve turtle neck that I chopped the sleeves off of, then added the bottom skirt portion of the dress made from vintage fabric. This one will end up in my shop sooner or later (I think).

This dress may not be complete yet, although it is certainly cute when kept simple. The cool part about this dress is....

It's a skirt too!

Alana has been using her design skills to help out with some SewNasty business items. The other day she gave me a SewNasty notepad...

Everytime she designs something I get so excited....I love the logo she made for me. I'm so lucky I've got such a talented friend. I think that about sums it up for now, I'll be at the ice cream parlor if you need me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo Shoot

Yesterday was so beautiful, Alana and I decided to take a few SewNasty pictures in our backyard. I haven't posted them at my shop yet, but they should be up in the near future. Did I mention I've been working three jobs? Yeah, I've been a little busy. Things should be settling down soon though.