Monday, September 7, 2009

Shupp's Grove

This weekend was excellent. I ate well, I relaxed, I played, I was productive, and all in all I wish it wasn't over! Some highlights:

I ran out of ranch, which I ALWAYS dip my pizza in. So when I had already cooked my french bread pizza and found that the ranch was out, Dalanna came to my rescue and made homemade ranch. Don't even ask me what it is made out of, but it sure was good.

On Sunday, we ventured to Shupp's Grove to check out Crafty by Nature. We found likeclochework's stand and ooohed and ahhhed over her beautiful hats.
And then we bought them. Broke our budget for the entire day, but it was worth it! It didn't stop us from exploring the rows and rows of antiques and knick-knacks.

I bought about 4 yds. of a beauuuutiful fabric that I plan to craft into something this week. Stay tuned. And Dalanna, thank you for cooking for me this weekend! Your food amazes me and inspires me and makes me sleep well at night.