Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the delay...

I was doing so good there, updating often and such,but life got pretty rough for a few days though, so I apologize. Back to normal now, as normal as it gets!

Monica, a dear friend and owner of fancy antler vintage, is moving to New York in only a few days. We celebrated her birthday not too long ago and we had a surprise photo shoot to take pictures she can remember us by....
Look how tall our corn is!!

In other news, me and Nick got haircuts from the lovely Gabrielle
I signed up for a craft fair, and omg it's this Sunday. How come I have to go to a real job all week instead of sweating my arse off by a sewing machine? Why why why why why whyyyy?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Fun

Since starting my new job, by far the biggest perk is having off for entire weekends. After years and years of being a server, I almost forgot what weekends off were like. Dalanna and I went out to the Lancaster Brewing Company for free food Friday. Happy hours are a wonderful thing but by 10 o'clock I was on the couch watching Roman Holiday and falling asleep. Nonetheless, still a very fun Friday for me.
Since I fell asleep so early, I also woke up early. 5:45 to be exact. I wandered around the house for awhile and watched This American Life episodes on Netflix. Then it was time for Saturday morning yard sales! I am so addicted.
These boys tried to talk me into buying a bun bun (only $19!) but really I just acted like I might buy one because I really really wanted to hold one. So cute. I did end up buying a flowery stamp set, a vintage dress and cardigan, Kill Bill, a six book craft series, and two framed pieces of artwork. I'm not sure I really needed any of that, but hey that's how yard sales go. Then home to my friends and family I went!
Saw the cutest little boys in the entire world...and had some Hibachi!

My brother is finally home from Europe and he dropped by with some very neat little gifts. I can't wait until my other European travelers arrive home safe and sound to me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yayyyyyy I got a new camera! I can't stop taking pictures, I've already took over 200 shots. It's addicting... So here's a few of my favorites from the past 3 hours that I've had my new toy.

Pepper...or maybe Salt?
On the way to the grocery store.
Don't make fun of how he walks.
On the way home.
Backyard beauty.
Played some music.
Recorded some music.
Shot some guns.
Played some more music.
Then played with the cat.

I haven't gotten much else done to say the least.