Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Fun

Since starting my new job, by far the biggest perk is having off for entire weekends. After years and years of being a server, I almost forgot what weekends off were like. Dalanna and I went out to the Lancaster Brewing Company for free food Friday. Happy hours are a wonderful thing but by 10 o'clock I was on the couch watching Roman Holiday and falling asleep. Nonetheless, still a very fun Friday for me.
Since I fell asleep so early, I also woke up early. 5:45 to be exact. I wandered around the house for awhile and watched This American Life episodes on Netflix. Then it was time for Saturday morning yard sales! I am so addicted.
These boys tried to talk me into buying a bun bun (only $19!) but really I just acted like I might buy one because I really really wanted to hold one. So cute. I did end up buying a flowery stamp set, a vintage dress and cardigan, Kill Bill, a six book craft series, and two framed pieces of artwork. I'm not sure I really needed any of that, but hey that's how yard sales go. Then home to my friends and family I went!
Saw the cutest little boys in the entire world...and had some Hibachi!

My brother is finally home from Europe and he dropped by with some very neat little gifts. I can't wait until my other European travelers arrive home safe and sound to me.

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