Monday, October 27, 2008

Big News!

Well since my last post, something big has happened. I guess it is a little sooner than I thought, but I'm going to be selling at the Lancaster Punk Rock Flea Market! I realized that if I wanted to do something so badly that I might as well go for it, so I signed up and I'm more motivated than ever. I will be selling everything handmade from clothing to pillows to hair accessories, and my roommate will be sharing the table with me and selling her own water-colored postcards and artwork. Let's just say we've got the "itch" and now crafting is more fun than anything else.

The craft fair we went to a couple weeks ago was fantastic and it was hard to not spend the entire contents of my wallet.

Here we were picking out hats that were lovely and only $3! I passed because my friend Candice just made me one, but I think my roommate bought two he liked them so much.

Here's a few of the friends that I went with hanging out on the bleachers....

And here's what I bought!
The fabric baggie has Alana's birthday present in it, so that is obviously a secret.
As for everything else:
2 blockheads (the funniest/cutest things made by a dad)
2 soy candles that don't even need to be burning to make a room smell SO GOOD
1 wooden postcard
1 bloom card (it opens up like a flower)
and a refashioned dress that was made by an extremely talented young lady that I hope opens up an etsy shop soon.

This seller also had the best jewelery selection but since she has an etsy, I decided to make a purchase at a later date (or I really would have spent all my money).

Well I'm going to go try and get some work done.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Finished Project

This shirt has been a work in project for awhile, simply because I procrastinated. The final result is a refashioned men's button down shirt. A nice summery tank top that I wore out last night since it has been warmer out once again. You can see I chose to use some other fabric to brighten it up...but it was a simple reconstruction since the body of the shirt is just the bottom of a the men's shirt, tailored to fit a bit tighter. The straps were made out of the sleeves of the shirt. Fun!

Well other than that I have been making postcards lately, and I joined a swap group! More on that later. Candice dropped by to deliver the hats she made for Nick and I and I made us some lunch. (I will put up a picture of the hat once I get my haircut haha but I made an appointment at Salon Fin which I hear is aweeesomee.) It was so much fun and we even made plans to go to the Homegrown Indie Arts Fair this Sunday. I would love to sell at one of those things someday...

I watched Atonement this evening, which I actually enjoyed. I wonder why I heard bad things about it? Well I'm going to crawl into bed and read more of my brother's trail journal. It is by far one of the coolest things I've ever read.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trail Magic

My brother was finally home from hiking the Appalachian Trail, but he'll be off again in no time at all to finish up. We spent almost the entire week together traveling around and doing fun things so he could visit all the people that he's missed. The highlights include drinking wine, slicing tomatoes incredibly thin, lunch with a few hiker friends from the AT, and best of all was brunch. A beautiful Sunday brunch was held at my friend's house where we all sat around a long table and had wonderful freshly cooked food and champagne and it felt like the tea party from Alice in Wonderland.

Here is the table before everyone sat down...notice all the boys are sitting around while the girls were frantically trying to get everything ready in the kitchen.

Then we had left-over french toast triangles that were turned into a game of football, the one everyone played in study hall where you flick the paper over the "field goal posts" but instead this invovled really great food. My brother tried to catch it in his mouth...

I'll miss that guy for the next couple of months, but gosh it's fun when he comes back.