Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, as it seems I am busier than I thought and updating my blog keeps slipping my mind. I have been having all sorts of fun around town and our new roommate even cooked us dinner! It was absolutely delicious...and fun.

I also attended a wedding this past weekend, Nick's friend got married and he was part of the wedding party. He looked very sharp in his tuxedo. But the great thing is, I wore a skirt that I made to the wedding and therefore I am back on track and have something to talk about on SewNasty.

The skirt is made from a fabric that my mom has been saving since the 70s. I've always loved it and have been waiting to find a good project so as not to waste it on something unsuccessful. I have to admit though, I am very happy with this skirt (but I need to give the hem a good ironing).

Now that I'm back to my apartment I finished up a reconstruction of a skirt that has been sitting on my chair (where all unfinished sewing projects sit). I drove past a yard sale and slammed on my breaks when I saw this satin plaid material. I initially thought that it was a dress since it was quite long and had the structure of what I thought was a strapless dress, but instead it was a skirt, a small waisted very long skirt. I changed that right up, thinking at first I'd go ahead and make it that strapless dress that I thought it was....but after some solo fashion shows I think I prefer it as a high-waisted skirt. I chopped off quite a few inches on the bottom and made the extra fabric into a bow that secures the back and holds it up. Topped off with a simple black tee I think this outfit is pretty snazzy.

Of course I need to iron this hem too, I only noticed when I saw the picture. I need to get better at that! Well hopefully I'll be updating soon, if only to get this chair cleaned off.

I gave my first chicken parm dinner a shot when I cooked for me and my boy. How's it look?

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