Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am getting somewhere I swear!

Well although I haven't been updating, I truly have been getting somewhere. I tend to spend every evening before bed looking for ideas and bookmarking them, finding new blogs to watch after, and thinking in my head about all the wonderful crafts and outfits and presents that I will make. A lot of things I won't be able to even try to do for years, but there are some that I plan on tackling in the near future:

First of all this project is adorable.

Um and these look funnn...

and I wish I had this outfit.

But I tend to act shy around my sewing machine...I'm still getting used to her.

I started a new job (which totals 2 for me now, yowzah) and driving home I drive right past good ol' JoAnn Fabrics. I already bought 3 yds. and one pattern plus thread to match....but it was a good purchase considering I already am almost done. The pattern seems very simple so far, but I'm still getting used to
a.) following a pattern
b.) my new sewing machine
and c.) not being able to stay up all night working on a project - yes. new job.

I did manage two shopping sprees in one week, although the one was completed with gift certificates from my dad. He gave me $80 to spend before expiration at Classic Furniture. I ended up buying a $30 pillow and two picture frames since everything was so darned expensive, but it was free money - and I got a free pen.

My other shopping "spree" consisted of me buying a lot of professional looking attire, but all of which was on sale. So I didn't do too much damage. I think my favorite item is a high waisted skirt (yes I'm into those) that is made out of this beautiful fabric...Well I do work tomorrow so I better be off, unless I find a good tid bit of a link.

Finished the full body of pattern, everything is together...just need a few finishing touches.


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