Sunday, August 3, 2008

My weekend was Sew Nasty

Hello everybody, welcome to SewNasty! I have come to realize that I thoroughly enjoy sewing and now that I've gotten semi-good at it, I feel like sharing my projects with anyone who cares to visit my site. Feel free to leave comments, questions, and even helpful sewing tips!

Over the weekend I finished reconstructing a dress that I had bought at a yard sale. Taking old dresses and making them more modern is sewwww easy. Here's the original dress.It's a bad picture, I know...but you get the idea. Full on grandma dress, which are fun sometimes but since it was all black and had all the makings to be something better I decided to turn it into a cute little black dress. I took the sleeves off, leaving only the neck ruffle covering my shoulders and then also hemmed quite a bit off the bottom. Here's the final product that I wore out to First Friday. That's also my roommate Josh, he looked nice in his work clothes so I made him pose with me.
My other roommate Alana wanted to wear another dress that I had altered that we call the "tulip dress" for good reason. It's by far one of my favorite dresses and she looked amazing in it.
Well there it is, my first post. It's a Sunday evening so maybe I'll get out my machine and try to tackle a few more dresses. We'll see!