Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Mistake in Napping

Dear Readers,
Sorry for the lack of excitement in my blog lately, things have just been agoin' on!

From the Gretna Art Show with my uncle...

To waiting for a tornado to strike...("waiting" keyword. It didn't.)
To planning a Bridal Shower, getting a promotion(!!!), and even a lovely Sunday Brunch...

Everything has been great lately, and of course that is why today had to be bad.

I guess my clutch went out on my car...Nick was driving to come pick me up from work and the clutch went to the floor. I had to call AAA, which by the way is very handy to have, and now my car is at Moe's waiting until Monday to be looked at. My Dad said that dad kind of thing that you already have figured out but he's just reminding you how annoying life can be, and says, "Well it's lucky you got that promotion". Right, like I want that extra money I'm going to be making, dying to have for fun things, to go right into paying for yet another dissappointing fix on my car. Boo.

So Moe (this mechanic who I never met) was incredibly nice and took me and Nick back to the farmhouse since the towtruck driver apparently is not allowed. Then we laid in bed and fell asleep for hours (me and Nick - not me and Moe), waking up around 11:30 pm. One of the only times in my life where I have felt that taking a nap was a mistake.

Nick was up building a model airplane, I've found some wonderful new blogs to read, and now we're going to watch Delicatessen. I'm pretty sure we'll both be up until at least 5 am.

At least it's the weekend!

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