Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm back and ready for action

To say the very, very least Jamaica was wonderful. I had an incredible time with my family and got to see a beautiful little part of the world. We went snorkeling twice because it is just that cool (I touched a sea urchin, a starfish, and a sea cucumber), I bought artwork, jewelry, and rum that broke in my suitcase unfortunately, and hung out with some locals. OH and I saw midget Mac in the airport in Charlotte...please tell me someone else watches terrible VH1 reality tv shows and knows who that is. My sister did at least but she was busy buying Starbucks and missed the celebrity (?) sighting.

After a week in Jamaica, I pretty much thought the fun was over and back to the real I spent the few last days before work spending some time with my boyfriend. He gave me my extremely beautiful birthday present, we walked around antiquing, and checked out a new diner in my hometown. Heading back to Lancaster we planned on stopping by my friend's house to say hello and to my absolute surprise my friends planned a birthday party for me. I walked in and everyone shouted and everyone was smiling and I couldn't stop giggling because I had NO IDEA that I was walking into a party for ME. I had the best night ever, full of the most perfect presents, fun stories, strange movies, and all of my favorite foods - which included homemade mac & cheese, chips and salsa, and teeny little ham & cheese sandwiches. My friends really went above and beyond with this party and I couldn't have been happier. Still smiling about it actually.

Well of course, somewhere along the line I caught a cold.
So here's a few pictures of Jamaica and thoughts of sunshine.

I miss it already.


D said...

Aww who threw you a surprise party?

Gaby said...

Your photos make me want to be on vacation right now! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your party as much as the rest of us.

babalisme said...

I'd love to go there too! Thank you for posting the pictures, it made me relax on a busy working day!