Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Start

I'm drinking orange juice to fight off a cold, but other than that I'm feeling quite okay. I finished off a cape tonight that I made from an old men's flannel inspired by this. My cape (which everyone has either heard as I was making a cake or a tape?) is a little different since the sweater portion didn't agree with my sewing machine. In frustration I threw the way to fluffy comfy sweater on the floor and told it it didn't belong inside my cape, but now that I'm thinking about it I have a way better idea for it anyway. Fate I tell you.

I also made a shirt from rainbow fabric that I told Alana reminds me of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Raincoat? I knew that didn't sound right. Well anyway the shirt only looks cute with a belt. But sometimes shirts are just like that.

My current productive streak has me feeling pretty happy. Last night my wonderful friend cooked dinner for a few of us as well, whole wheat ravioli with asparagus, chicken, and the most wonderful secret sauce. I licked the plate and she thanked me for it. We ended the night watching This American Life episodes and drinking leftover eggnog. That made me pretty happy too.

Bad weather tomorrow! Watch out for black ice, it'll get ya. Already this year I was stranded alongside the road for 3 hours. Worst scenario ever, especially since I had a full blown panic attack (although Nick thinks I use that word to loosely he knows for a fact that in that case it's true). I cried before I even went down the hill that I got stranded beside. Yikes. At least I only have to walk to work tomorrow. Although I wipe out walking too (icy bricks...) Oh well.

Be warm.


Karen said...

So I heard you were making a cake out of tape! Awesome.

samantha said...

i'm sure if i secretly read your blog, others secretly read your blog.

my blog isn't anywhere near my xanga quality.. and it's not as interesting as your blog.

keep it up & perhaps i'll purchase something from your etsy (esty?) and i'll tell everyone about it.

samantha said...

ah, i did open an account, so i have considered selling. we'll see where things go.. if i continue at the pace i have been recently, i'd have much to offer, but i have a feeling once school starts things will be put on hold. but i AM going to look for weaving lessons. yay.