Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Candles and Canned Soup

I waited for the snow all day yesterday. I had already decided it was time to cuddle up with the covers and relax. This morning was winter wonderful, I slept in after peeking out my window to all the white. Later, I made the best lunch for days like today...toasted cheese and tomato soup with mozzarella and provolone sprinkled on top, and some spring greens from market. yummmmmm.

Then I got to work:

I think these pastels are telling me I'm in the mood for warmer days. Not to mention one is a halter top...I haven't decided about sleeves for the pink one yet, but I'm very excited about the cowl neck. Oh yes! And that's the sweater that I had a fit over a few entries back. I told you I had a better plan for it....

Last night Claire came over and we had a photo shoot for some summery tops. It was so much fun, but she was freeezing. My little space heater did not do much heating unfortunately. The pictures turned out awesome, and I'll be posting them on etsy for the next couple of days (since I learned not to put them all up at once).

You know this etsy thing can be harder than it seems, but I'm not discouraged yet. I have been getting a lot of messages about boutiques being interested in selling my items and even some custom order requests. It is all a really great learning process. And at the end of the day...there are always craft fairs!

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