Monday, November 24, 2008


Last week I ended up being part of not only one, but TWO craft fairs! The Punk Rock Flea Market was so exciting and went incredibly well for it being my very first craft fair. So many of my friends came out to support and my family even made it's way to Lancaster for the event. My little sister bought a dress from me that I knew would look awesome on her (it was my favorite creation), while my dad "felt cool" walking around looking at art. Here is my table, it was hard to get a good shot but you get the idea!

I shared the space with my friend Lindsay and we had a great day together. When a friend from WIXQ stopped by and told us about Q-Stock we both decided to go for it and do another event on Wednesday. Again, the whole ordeal was so much fun and successful. Here I am at our table at Q-Stock.

After two very positive experiences selling my SewNasty items, I'm off to work on my etsy site. I am putting up pictures of a few things tonight, but I need a model! So I'm working on that and should have even more items up in the very near future. Keep Posted!

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Karen said...

Katie, if I had the money or half the credibility required, I'd hire you to be my personal stylist.